Renewable Energy

Wind and solar energy is the future in our country and the path to strength through independence. We need to start looking at how Lubbock County can be a leader in that future, how we can invest in the future. We need to investigate the cost effectiveness of putting solar panels or wind turbines on underutilized county property; the perimeter of the Regional Disposal Landfill in the northern part of the county would be a good start.


Improved Mobility

Our rural roads are in dire need to be upgrade for our farmers can move their equipment back and forth from their farms. I have heard from citizens all over Lubbock County who received no response from the county maintenance department in addressing the potholes on their local county road, so they pulled together and fix it themselves. This is totally unacceptable, and will not be tolerated on my watch! We must find ways to elevate the funding issues surrounding transportation and roads.


For economic growth, our major roads must be in great condition and maintained. We need upgrades to our main travel routes in Pct. 4. The ball was dropped on North Milwaukee Ave and Erskine St and those issues must be addressed. It is the responsibility of those roads to be maintained by the City of Lubbock and I will assure you that I will work with the mayor and city council to address this issue.


Loop 88 will be a major project the Lubbock County Commissioner’s Court will need to oversee, to ensure quality and using public dollars effectively.


Economic Development

Population in Lubbock County has just surpassed 300,000 and it will keep growing. We are not a sleepy little town on the Plains anymore. We are a regional hub that services over 1million consumers in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.  Economic development is vital to quality of life here in Lubbock County. There is no reason why we cannot bring HEB, Trader Joe’s, and other businesses to the Hub City! I also know that our art and music community is a important part of that growth. I have been a supporter and advocate for this community for over thirty years and I have no plans to stop now.


Salaries and Travel

I will go on record to never vote to raise Lubbock County elected officials salaries and propose a 10% reduction in all county elected officials salaries if elected.

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